Umbrella company in Brussels – Belgium

How to become a freelance consultant in Brussels – Belgium?

Let the Skalis network, expert in social engineering, help you launch your career as a freelancer thanks to local solutions similar to wage portage.

Our mission is to help you develop your career by giving you the opportunity to be self-employed while benefiting from the services of an employee: social protection and administrative management of your activity by our platform.

We are a local umbrella company with humanist values. Our expertise is based on the experience of our own consultants to help in the development of your career. We give you access to a digital platform to manage your activity.

Freelancing in Belgium – Brussels

Although « umbrella company » does not exist as such in Belgian labour law. Skalis, an expert firm in social engineering, is able to offer you a portage solution based on Belgian labour law, if you are a Belgian resident working on Belgian territory.

Skalis, an expert in social engineering for your European operations and recruitment

If you are a Belgian resident working on French territory or a Luxembourg border worker, we can offer you a portage solution based on French or Luxembourg labour law for any assignment lasting less than two years. The same applies if you are a French or Luxembourg resident with an assignment of less than two years on Belgian territory, in accordance with the provisions of the European Directive on posted workers.

Your freelance consultant manager in Brussels


Our Skalis Consultant Manager responsible for Brussels is Gilles.


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