Umbrella and Payroll services in Germany : freedom and security



SKALIS is a company dedicated to payroll (more than 200 employees).

SKALIS is fully compliant with the Single European Act SKALIS has subsidiaries in : France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Poland, etc.






The consultant is our employee.
Your labor agreement ends when the mission ends or with a one month delay.
Your wage is calculated each month according to the generated turnover and your mission fees.
The consultant has the same rights as an employee with a standard labor agreement : social security, unemployment benefits, retirement, insurances.
SKALIS pays for you all social cotisations and income tax.
SKALIS pays you the wage and pays back the mission fees after deduction of social cotisations, income tax and our services fees.
The SKALIS fees : according th your global invoiced amount of your turnover, between 5 and 10%. Please ask for a free estimate.



The consultant has an higher wage than a consultant in a consulting company with a standard labor agreement : our margin is only between 5 and 10% percents.
The consultant keeps the right to work directly with the customer with a delay of only one month.
The consultant has the same social rights than an employee : health, retirement, unemployment public systems.
The consultant is paid before the payment by the customer.
The payroll service creates new unemployment rights for the consultant.
If you are not a German resident or if your mission is outside Germany, SKALIS studies for you the best solution in the EU : a German labor agreement or a local labor agreement.


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